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Illuminovision – Strategies of Light

micro-symposium, Šibenik July 1-2, 2017

Illuminovision is a project inspired by Šibenik, one of the first cities in the world where electrical energy
power supply was established. This almost anecdotal fact is are virtually non-existent in the dominant
narrative of the city, which is now self-representing itself exclusively as a city of medieval heritage,
neglecting the recent history of its modernization.
In this regard, in the first phase of the Illuminovision project in 2017, within the symposium
„Illuminovision – Strategies of Light“, the question we are posing is also a political question: what do we
highlight, which segments of the city are accentuated, why and how. In addition, the symposium also deals
with a phenomenon that is directly related to electrification, which is the emergence of the cinematic city. In
cooperation with a local group of architects gathered around the Soba DAŠ, we are going to map the
cinemas, notify their position in urban fabric and their transformation.

The intention of Illuminovision is to incite innovative processes of articulation of light in public space via
the format of the festival but also via the interdisciplinary collaboration of various professions which tackle
our relation to the environment, in this case the environment being the unique city of Šibenik.

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