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Wunderbare Jahre

Vienna without Strauss is like Austria without the Danube – Hector Berlioz

Vorpremiere: 26. Juni 2015, 21:00  Dance Center Svetvincenat  

Premiere: 12.&13. September 2015 – Plesni Teater Ljubljana

Wunderbare Jahre takes Johann Strauss‘ music under the loupe in a contemporary context. By interviewing the music, Dagmar’s aim has been to bridge the historical elements and their reminiscences with the political nature and the legitimacy of her own body.

Given that Strauss’ highly commercialized music is part of Austria’s identity, Wunderbare Jahre delves into the inherent and controversial quality of national pride and its connection to the romantic, the pompous, the patriarchal, the bourgeois, the heroic, and the lofty. A return of Biedermeier, as it were.

The performance endevours to come up with a contemporary (and personal) reflection of a music that, still today, conveys such a virulent and ageless temptation to dance.

Choreography and performance: Dagmar Dachauer Dramaturgical advice: Ingrid Türk-Chlapek Sound design: Kilian Cor Immervoll Light design: Janko Oven

Co-production: umfug and Katja Somrak/Plesni Teater Ljubljana With the support of kulturRaum Klagenfurt, Tanzetage Klagenfurt, Summer Studios Brussels, Mediterranean Dance Centre Svetvinčenat

Photo: Dusana Baltic

Wunderbare Jahre