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Call for Projects IAA 2018

Submit your application:

We are looking for successful, solution-oriented intercultural dialogue projects!

The Intercultural Achievement Award (IAA) is a key intercultural dialogue project of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs. The award honours successful and innovative projects in the field of intercultural dialogue, both in Austria and on a global scale. The award is open to all those who identify and make use of opportunities which positively shape intercultural co-existence. It is also designed for those who have successfully explored new pathways within intercultural dialogue, who have mastered a specific challenge through intercultural action, and who have promoted the dialogue of cultures and religions through their media presence.

Which criteria must be met? Both large- and small-scale projects implemented by organisations or individuals qualify as potential award winners. The IAA specifically promotes intercultural projects within the realms of Arts/Culture, Youth, Human Rights and Global Citizenship Education. The projects need to be either in the process of being implemented or already concluded.

Who is eligible to apply? Applications are open to both non-profit organisations (including non-governmental organisations as well as associations, foundations, charitable educational institutions or religious organisations) and commercial organisations. Governmental, scientific, research or international organisations are excluded from consideration.

Which prizes will be awarded? 

–  Category Sustainability: “Best practice project” 
–  Category Recent Events: “Best project with reference to a current issue”   
–  Category Innovation: “Most innovative intercultural project”  
–  Category Media: “Best media contribution for intercultural understanding”

Specific criteria have to be met for each category. There will only be one winner per category. More information: or here

 Application Deadline: March 26th 2018, e-mail your application to:

Call for Projects IAA 2018

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