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Palaces and Ruins of Modernist Seaside Resorts

Departure // Meeting Point: Saturday May 30th  09:30 polazak sa Trga Bana Josipa Jelačića (Bus Terminal)  19:00 Return to Rijeka Bustation

 After the end of Second World War – like in many other nations in the former East and West – mass tourism infrastructure represented a driving force for the modernization of society and economy. In the case of the newly established FR of Yugoslavia it was of even greater importance: Hotels and resorts therefore had been stages and meeting points to showcase the „success” of it’s unique third way politics of the non alignment movement and workers self management to both domestic and international guests.  Due to the war, the use as refuge camps, delayed privatization, legal insecurity related to ownership, and other reasons, the current status of these brilliant symbols of modernization range from decent to tasteless refurbishments and to surprisingly many vacant melancholic ruins.

 Tour Guide: Michael Zinganel,  cultural historian, architect, artist, and curator of the recent exhibition “Holidays after the Fall” at MMSU Rijek,a  co-editor of the book “Holidays after the Fall”.

 Route//Sites visited, e.g.:  Ivan Vitić, Ruin of Motel Sljeme, Prelika Rijeka, 1964–65  Zdravko Bregovac: Refurbished Hotel Ambasador, Opatija, 1966  Branco Zniderec: Refurbished Hotel Adriatic II, Opatja, 1970–72  Darko Turato: (almost orignial) Ad Turres resort, Crikvenica, 1970  Igor Emili: (almost orignial) Hotel Uvala Scott, Kraljevica, 1966–69  Boris Magaš: Ruin of Haludovo resort, Malinska, 1971–72

 Prize per Person for bus and tour guide:  160 kuna for adults // 80 kuna for students

 Registration and further Information:

 Renato Stanković and Mirna Gurdon  Odsjek za kulturalne studije | Department of Cultural Studies

 Filozofski fakultet | Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences  Sveučilišna avenija 4, 51000 Rijeka  Tel. +385 51 265 696  Mob. +385 95 384 9999

 For more detailed information see also the publication: Holidays after the Fall: Seaside Architecture and Urbanism in Bulgaria and Croatia, co-edited by Elke Beyer, Anke Hagemann, and Michael Zinganel, published by JOVIS, Berlin in 2013

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Palaces and Ruins of Modernist Seaside Resorts